Transforming Organisational Culture

You benefit from: productive people who do things in the way you need them to be done to deliver your organisational objectives effectively.

Our Experience

The CEO of a firm of solicitors wanted to shift the focus of the organisation from recruiting new clients, to developing existing relationships. Cultural barriers and skills gaps were identified through discussion with senior management and sessions were designed to air concerns, share opportunities and self-generate solutions among the business. Attendees left with a shared vision and a clear set of personal commitments. Through improved communication and regular reporting a culture of trust and collaboration was fostered that enabled the lawyers and support functions to work together and better fulfil the client needs, increasing the bottom line.

A local authority commissioned a week long process involving a team of experts from across local government, including politicians, to look in detail at the functioning of a department. Evidence was collected from all levels of staff, from the chief executive and leader to front-line deliverers, as well as from partner organisations. Operating on a ‘no surprises’ basis, observations and thoughts were fed back each day. As the organisation’s self-awareness increased changes were made in the way information was exchanged between colleagues and across organisations. By the final feedback session, a shift in culture culture could be seen, with individuals better understanding and cooperating with each other and new operational protocols being drafted. The most significant of these was in improving performance management arrangements which resulted in partners saving on costly resources.

We offer commercial understanding, business acumen, tailored programmes and communications, comprehensive follow up and review against measures.

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