Team Dynamics

You benefit from: effective working relationships; reducing conflict, miscommunication and duplication, to give you greater return on resources.

Our Experience

Following a departmental restructure in the UK’s leading charity, work started with senior managers to facilitate the change process and embed new teams and processes. Using creative facilitation techniques, geographically dispersed teams from diverse backgrounds and experiences were able to collaboratively discuss issues and generate solutions. Cross-function teams took responsibility for the resulting action plans, delivering new organisational objectives whilst building new working relationships and streamlining processes.

Within a Professional Services organisation, psychotherapeutic models founded in Transactional Analysis were employed to deliver a department away day to encourage better intra-team and inter-team working relationships. Previously competitive teams worked as a group to identify, challenge and resolve existing limiting behaviours and areas of cultural conflict. On-going support for individuals and teams achieved a cultural shift towards collaboration; and shared goals, values and income were delivered.

We offer skills and knowledge for effective working relationships, innovative and creative techiques for culture shift, support through restructure, processes optimised to reflect your values and goals.

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