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You benefit from: people with developed skills and insight, leading to greater personal and organisational achievement, reduced recruitment costs through improved retention, a position as employer of choice.

Our Experience

As experienced managers of varied teams, Tinder consultants understand the importance of an individual’s own development and fulfilment in order to succeed personally and for their organisation. One individual sought support to overcome anger issues which had become apparent through 360 degree feedback. Through individual coaching, the client gained insight, experimented with new techniques and was able to update previously unconscious assumptions. Challenging these limiting behaviours enabled him to communicate more clearly and effectively, helping him to motivate and recognise his line reports and develop better working relationships with customers. Further feedback revealed a more motivated and highly-performing team and increased customer loyalty.

A Fire Service wanted to improve the relations between the governing elected members and its officers. It was felt that a better understanding of the pressures on each would ensure a better service to the community. A series of events were held with a range of activities to engage the variety of people attending. Sessions were held at different times of the day and in different locations and included; formal presentations, quizzes, discussions and ‘a-day-in-the-life’ sessions from politicians that provided a person insight the full range of their activities. Individual and organisational needs were listened to and the programme adapted to ensure it delivered what was required. As a result the officers were more willing and able to provide information to their elected members, who in turn were able to argue more effectively for resources and evidence improvements in service delivery.

We offer a focus on the individual and their particular needs and aspirations, skilled coaches and trainers, a solution-focused approach to development and behaviour change, flexibility of short-term or longer-term work, measurable results and follow up action plans.

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