Performance Coaching

You benefit from: people who are focused on; solutions, the future and building on strengths. Personally; you create a vivid picture of what you want to achieve and develop incremental steps to realise it.

Our Experience

A client came with the problem that she was not bringing in enough revenue to meet her targets. By re-framing what she wanted to achieve, rather than concentrating on the nature of her problem, she was able to say that she wanted a more secure and enjoyable working environment. She was able to plot on a 1 - 10 scale where she felt her working environment was at that moment and then to describe, in increasing detail, what a one point increase would look like. Using her past achievements and skills as evidence of her strengths and worth, she built a plan for her future. Keeping her objectives clear, concise and achievable, she built better working relationships that gave her the secure foundations she wanted. She was then able to go on to exceed her income targets.

We offer an objective approach to clarify current situations, empathetic challenge to build future plans, a structured checking process to evaluate progress.

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