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You benefit from: demonstrating responsible support for your employees facing redundancy, to help them transition into new careers.

Our Experience

Work with individuals undergoing career change, whether elected or enforced, is undertaken with a sensitive appreciation of the inevitability of change and the impact it can have on an organisation. The support provided has been personal and customized, to no specific timeline or process, driven by the individual needs of the client. Senior Executive outplacement support builds on the additional factors at play in your job search and is delivered on a one to one basis. Professional level support can be delivered on a one to one or small group basis, in each case with extensive understanding of the job market and employable skills and experience in occupational counselling. Organisations using these services benefit from the positive impact of outplacement support on the morale of continuing employees, and are seen as employers of choice.

A chief executive worked in an organisation that was about to merge with several others. He was made aware that he was unlikely to be given a position in the new, merged organisation; although this would not happen for another year. Over a four month period, he used his outplacement sessions to explore future roles, including a career change of running a bed-and-breakfast hotel. Through non-judgemental challenge, he was able to test out how realistic his ideas were. He made practical enquiries with accountants, trusted colleagues and other hotel owners. He researched and prepared himself for leaving his organisation. He worked through his own anger, frustration and eventually excitement about leaving. He was then in a position to help his staff, both those also leaving and those remaining, to make an effective transition for themselves and the new organisation.

We offer qualified coaches and consultants, with experience in transitioning departing individuals into new careers, practical and solution-focused support, drawing on experience as recruiters as well as consultants.

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