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You benefit from: a more cohesive, motivated and highly-performing team that delivers better results.

Our Experience

A local authority wanted its managers to become far more involved in designing the organisation to make sure that it would be fit for the future. The senior management team agreed to undertake a structured approach to workforce planning; “We need to ensure that in five years time we will be able to call the right number of people with the right skills to deliver the services that our community needs”.

Work with managers from the authority began to co-design a programme of workshops so that colleague managers throughout the organisation understood the concepts of planning for the future workforce, what it would look like, where it would be based and what it would need to deliver. A planned approach was created to ensure workshops took place, whether that be directly employed by the authority or through its partners.

The series of interactive workshops were presented, with worked examples in plain English catering for differing levels of knowledge and learning styles.

The authority now has a workforce plan that it updates annually, taking in the views of the community and its own staff and is working with partners to increase their capacity to deliver for the future.

We offer tried and tested team building activities, understanding of a team’s particular dynamics and needs, a sensitive approach to motivation and behaviour change, careful planning and organisation of logistics and follow-up.

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