Individual Therapy

You benefit from:, as the individual: a professional psychotherapeutic counsellor to offer you confidential support through a difficult situation you may be facing at home or work, help to find solutions, make changes or find acceptance. As the employer, you get to demonstrate that you recognise additional care is important for the practical and emotional well-being of your employees and help them to function well in and out of work.

Our Experience

At Tinder we recognise the benefit of personal therapy to resolve difficulties in our private and professional lives. Tinder consultants have worked for several years with a wide range of clients, presenting diverse issues and seeking different support. Through therapeutic principles of unconditional positive regard, advanced empathy and congruence, the consulting counsellors work with clients to understand their individual issues and help them find their own solutions, in order to improve their sense of well-being and their ability to function well in and out of the workplace.

A fit and active woman of 72 came to therapy because she was worried about her husband; he had been a very dynamic business man, member of their local community, father and husband. He had retired about a year ago and since then he had withdrawn into himself, had become forgetful and lacked energy. The client saw her dream of a full life for them, doing the things together that they hadn’t had time for before, being denied her. She was able to recognise that she was angry, sad and scared. She said that she felt guilty that she was feeling these things. She said, “I feel I am betraying him if I talk about him to our children, family or friends”. She couldn’t stop the resentment rising inside her and had no one to talk to about it. It took a lot of courage for her to tell her counsellor these things, the things she couldn’t say to anyone she knew. At the end of the session she felt the pressure had lifted. She had said what she needed to say without anyone judging her and she was able to go back to loving her husband. That one session was all that Mary said she needed at that time. She was also reassured that she could come back if ever and whenever she needed to talk again.

A 25 year old man came into therapy having recently arrived in the country. Although he didn’t have any formal qualifications, he had secured a job in sales. He was unsure of his abilities and felt that people only noticed him because of the way he looked and sounded. He described himself as being guarded, keeping himself to himself and other people at a distance. Having been hurt, physically and emotionally, in a relationship when he was growing up, he believed that people would want to have power over him. He said he now wanted to be more confident and to feel happy. Over the course of two years, he looked at the decisions he had made as a small child, the beliefs he held and how they were serving him now. He worked through the break up of a long-term relationship and him gaining his independence, his standing up to his family and assertively stating the relationship he wanted, as well as gaining recognition and promotion at work. As the client put it, when it was time to say farewell to his therapist, “It took me a long time to feel I could trust anyone, even you. Now I do. I have deconstructed myself and built myself up again on a more solid foundation. I don’t need to see you any more but I will always have you in my head”.

We offer qualified, experienced psychotherapeutic counsellors with the skills and approach to support clients facing difficulty or distress, short-term or long-term work, solution-focused and client centred.

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