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Our consultants use psychotherapeutic principles to help people and businesses make the changes they need to be more effective.

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About Tinder Consulting

Our experienced coaches and counsellors work with clients to help them become clearer about how they think, feel and behave and to update previously made decisions, enabling them to perform more effectively.

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Is your organisation suffering from stress?

Stress-related absence is on the increase in the UK and cost UK businesses 10.8 million working days last year. Seeking professional support can stop stress getting in the way of your organisation’s success.

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Tinder Consulting - specialists in organisational, professional and personal change.

We work with organisations, managers and leaders, and individuals, to rapidly realise the benefits and minimise the disturbances of change.

Tinder Consulting for Organisations.


We work with organisations to challenge limiting behaviours; improving productivity, maximising potential and delivering results.

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Tinder Consulting for Managers & Leaders


We provide objective, non-judgemental challenge that allows senior managers and leaders to recognise their own and others' behaviour, and agree ways to change

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Tinder Consulting for Individuals


Through an objective and empathetic understanding of your situation, we work together to find appropriate solutions for your personal development.

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Are you experiencing stress, issues at work, relationship difficulties?

Tinder Consulting offers individual therapy to help you deal with your current situation and make changes in your personal and professional life

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