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You benefit from: people who are more effective in their job. Personally; you focus on your priorities, take decisive action and address your important issues.

Our Experience

A local authority chief executive was having difficulty managing a senior member of his team. He was finding that he was being asked to resolve more and more issues that he expected one of his directors would have handled. A lot of these were to do with disputes between staff and he was being dragged into some complex and emotionally charged cases. He liked the director as a person and recognised that she and the authority’s performance was struggling. He also had a level of expertise in her area of responsibility so he felt obliged to help out as much as he could. He was taking on so much of her work that relationships at home were suffering, deadlines were beginning to slip on other pieces of work and at the same time political relationships were beginning to fragment.

An afternoon spent with the CEO identified what his real priorities were, what was it that he needed to achieve. Reflecting back to him what was happening enabled Kevin to see the objective reality of his situation and map out what his options for resolving it were. A course of action was agreed; he didn’t have to continue to do things in the way had been doing.

“I thought I wanted people to see me as a nice bloke. What they actually need is for me to help them do things for themselves. Having got things in place I will even make it home in time for my daughter’s birthday party”.

We offer greater self-awareness, prioritisation, solution-focused decision making, objective reflection, empathetic challenge.

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