Career Transition

You benefit from: people who continue to perform well whilst they move on from a role, high organisational regard and improved employee engagement. Personally; you are supported to move on, the opportunity to reflect and recognise current skills and future ambitions.

Our Experience

Phil was 41 and had been with the same company for about 12 years. During that time he had done a number of jobs and been promoted so that he was now in charge of a large team. However, as Phil put it, “I’m stuck in a rut, I keep doing the same things and although there is a lot of pressure on me to perform I am not satisfied”.

Phil had found a senior manager who had agreed to act as an internal mentor. He was being given a lot of advice and told what he should and should not be doing to improve his performance and progress his career. This was not working for Phil and he felt himself putting up barriers and arguments for moving forward.

During four sessions covering a three month period we looked at what Phil was good at, what he liked doing and what he really wanted to do in the future. We assessed the likelihood of that happening in his current situation and his options for realising his aspirations. Phil formulated a plan, involving his family in the decision making and having frank conversations with his employer. Phil left his job and worked in another organisation for a few years, returning to his former employer in a new and far more mutually rewarding role.

We offer self-development, career development, change-focused constructive challenge, empathetic understanding of a client’s situation.

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