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You benefit from: a senior team who recognises opportunity and responds effectively to change, to deliver agreed organisational objectives.

Our Experience

A chief executive and her three directors knew that they needed to change the organisational structure for their local authority. Financial constraints meant that there would be fewer staff and this included the top team.

Working with the CEO, an awayday was created for the four directors so that they would be clear on what future organisation they wanted, how that differed from the current situation, the various options of how they might get to the future and to ensure the agreed plan was implemented. Before the session individual meetings were held with the directors, to understand their perceptions and aspirations. The CEO says, "gaining their trust and giving them space to consider the possibilities for them, their directorates and the authority was vital preparation for the day itself”. During the away day their behaviours with each other were highlighted and reflected and the influence of these on the organisation culture was explored.

It was agreed that there would be one fewer director, that they would work more as a corporate team and delegate some of the more managerial responsibilities to others in the authority. This would not only mean a new organisational structure but that the way people worked would have to be different too. Subsequently, work continued with the authority and groups of staff to help bring about this cultural change.

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